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Wednesday, 1 May 2019

May 01, 2019

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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

September 18, 2018

Funny Video:What Is Your Exam Result 3

Why You Dey Greet Me😡?*🤷🏽‍♂....Yo...this is our Third video off the #WhatIsYourExamResult Series ft @mentch_hephzy nd @veekthor_medal

Cc @aauaamebo @aauachills @aaua_fashionistas @moskeydahtc @hawtlooknotions @aauapaparazzi @rdkthacomedian..... 📹: @tha_edo_boi






September 18, 2018

Funny Video:What Is Your Exam Result 2

Watch This funny video of AAUA Comedians doing what they do best

"Dem Omit my Result"😂 ....Yo!.....This is our Second Video off the #WhatIsYourExamResult series ft @mentch_hephzy 📹@tha_edo_boi

Cc @aauaamebo @hawtlooknotions @aauachills @aaua_diary @moskeydahtc @rdkthacomedian @hikanote008 @aauapaparazzi 

Watch Third Video Here!

September 18, 2018

Funny Video:What Is Your Exam Result 1

Watch this funny video titled What Is Your Exam Result by Funny Comedians in AAUA.

This is our First video off the #WhatIsYourExamResult Series featuring one of the Aspirants of Aaua SuG president Comrade IBD......We Coming with more

..... @Aauaamebo @aauachill@aauapaparazzi 

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Sunday, 16 September 2018

September 16, 2018

Viral Video:Osun State Law Maker Caught Bathing With Blood

The Majority Leader of the Osun State House of Assembly, Honorable Timothy Owoeye, was allegedly caught taking a 'ritual' bath inside a bush at Osunjela area of Osogbo, capital of Osun State in the dead of the night.

The Majority Leader of the Osun State House of Assembly, Honorable Timothy Owoeye, has been caught for allegedly taking a ‘ritual’ bath inside a bush at Osunjela area of Osogbo, Osun State in the dead of night.

Some youths in the community had caught the legislator during the bath.

Some of the youths alleged that he was bathing with blood but they could not ascertain whether it was human or animal blood.

The youths beat up the politician, seized his clothes and recorded him naked on their phones.

The politician was said to have negotiated with the youths and promised them certain things before they returned his clothes and released him.

He eventually gave some monies to certain people as promised.

He lawmaker later reported the matter to the police following which several people in the community were arrested for collecting money from the politician in a fraudulent manner.

The suspects were arraigned in court in Osogbo on Friday and were later remanded in Ilesa prison.

All attempts to speak with the lawmaker were not successful as he neither picked calls nor replied text messages sent to his mobile line.


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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

September 12, 2018

Nigerians Pull Out of Bitcoin As Cryptocurrencies Crash

a href=Bitcoin: image

With a crash in the value of bitcoin last week, Nigerians are pulling back to cut down on their losses in the cryptocurrency market as their stake in the market declined dropping to N1.09 billion as against N1.51 billion which it was at the beginning of August this year.

The decline has been sustained comparing the value of Nigerians stake in bitcoin which was N1.733 billion as at July this year. Last week, $40 billion was wiped off the value of Bitcoin as traders rushed for a sell off to take advantage of a rise in value of the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin was not alone in the value loss as other cryptocurrencies also suffered major price losses. The price of bitcoin which was around $7,400 at the beginning of last week currently stands at $6,510. Etherum is down to $219 while Bitcoincash is down to $504.

Prior to Wednesday, throughout the month of August, Bitcoin showed its highest level of stability since June of 2017. Between August 8 and 26, the price of Bitcoin remained relatively stable in the $6,000 region, before initiating an overdue corrective rally above the $7,000 resistance level.

But, a rushed rally from the $7,000 mark to $7,400 within a four day period led sell pressure to build up, allowing bears in the cryptocurrency exchange market to take over, leading Bitcoin to fall by a large margin.

ThinkMarkets chief market analyst, Naeem Aslam said that speculators have unnecessarily intensified the downtrend of Bitcoin by overselling Bitcoin in the global exchange market. Aslam emphasized that the downward trend of Bitcoin has not changed since December of 2017, when the cryptocurrency market achieved a $900 billion valuation and initiated a rapid decline:

"Speculators have gone crazy and they are trying to squeeze as much blood out of this trade as they can. Bitcoin hasn't changed what it was since last December, so what is the panic?" Aslam queried adding that it is difficult to pinpoint specific factors that have led the price of Bitcoin to drop substantially in recent months.

However, cryptocurrency trader Brian Stutland of CME holds a strong belief that the price of bitcoin will surge back up to $7,250 in the short-term. "I'm looking at the September futures contract and I'll be willing to buy it, actually at this point. $6,450 is my level, looking for that September futures contract to trade up to $7,250 on the CBOE futures contract with a stop out at $5,950" he stated.

Stutland while noting that volatility in the market is one of the things that scares investors away, said "I would like to see some of that volatility contract a little bit to get people a little bit more comfortable because as you see those big moves, that sort of backs investors away. When we hit those certain technical levels then people want to get out right away."

He also maintains that we are in the early stages of the bottoming process after having reached all-time highs in late December 2017 and early January 2018. According to the Stutland, it's going to take a full year or more for the prices to bottom out and for people to become comfortable with this reality. Stutland also noted that there will be shake-ups, saying "Bitcoin, Ethereum, and some of the leaders will stay. A lot of the altcoins out there will go."

Although regulator in the Nigerian financial system had warned against Nigerians putting their funds in the cryptocurrency market, Nigerians have remained adamant and have continued to venture into the market that has since gained traction worldwide.

While some had linked the crash in the cryptocurrency market to the delay in the launch of the Bitcoin trading desk operation by Goldman Sachs, the bank said it has not closed its operation but merely delayed it to focus on a more urgent initiative that is cryptocurrency custodianship.

"Goldman has only delayed the process, they still have invested a lot of money and talent in this area. Investors must know it is very normal for banks to delay the IPO process if the market conditions are not favorable and over here we are talking about starting something completely new. Goldman has its fingers in many of the areas when it comes to Bitcoin, so stop thinking about it and focus on the price," a note from the bank said.

Shortly after the reports, the Chief Financial Officer of Goldman Sachs said on stage at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference in San Francisco, that this was "fake news"

Source :All Africa


Tuesday, 11 September 2018

September 11, 2018

Important Message From NNU CEO

    Paul Samson, The CEO of G-Cyber Tech and also the founder of NNU posted some things on Facebook which are very important and must be read by every Nipers.

Read Below:

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Patience and calm is all you need after making withdrawal if you know you are eligible. You should receive a mail either decline or approval.

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Other top sites should prepare very well because we are coming up with full 4G speed and we are going to crush them soon. This should serve as a guarantee for you that we have a mission and not closing soon till when there is no news again.

Patience, patience and patience is all you need, complains or wailing around wont help you because we have got what it takes to stand out among the crowd. You should be proud of been part of the growing project instead.

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Sunday, 9 September 2018

September 09, 2018

World Record DJ Venum Set To Be Live In AAUA  

World record DJ Venum is set to be on air in Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko, Ondo State, as part of his successful attempt for playing for 15 days to emerge as the current longest playing DJ.
The visit is scheduled as follows:
Date: Friday 21st of September, 2018 
Time: 1pm
Location: AAUA RADIO AAUA 90.3 (As E Dey Hot)
• Have you ever wondered what was running through his mind when he started?
• Did he rest for hours?
•Did he relaxed?
• What exactly is even special about him?
You will get to know in this coming interactive live radio session with him.
Be prepared.... Come and get inspired.
Join the conversation with:

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Saturday, 8 September 2018

September 08, 2018

Meet Nigeria’s first millionaire Candido Da Rocha who did sent his clothes to Britain for laundry

There is a popular Yoruba parlance when translated it means spending money like Da Rocha.In another Yoruba parlance when people are lured to spend too much money they will tell you that do you think I am like Da Rocha? Or they tell you I am not Da Rocha.
We brings you the story of the legendary rich man, Candido Da Rocha.
Candido Da Rocha was a very wealthy Lagosian. It is also popularly believed that he was the first known millionaire in Nigeria.
Da Rocha as he was fondly referred to was born in 1860 as the son of Joao Esan Da Rocha, a former slave who returned from Brazil to start a business empire.
The junior Da Rocha, Candido, was reported to have just the language skills of Portuguese and Ilesha on his return. He attended the popular CMS Grammar School in Lagos where he was the head boy. He was a friend to late Herbert Macaulay who was also his school mate

Nigeria’s first millionaire Candido Da Rocha and his luxury carriage
Da Rocha's Water Business
Candido was said to have laid water pipes from Iju to Lagos Island, Yaba Ebute Metta and other areas where there were high demand of pipe borne water. He was said to have lived in his house and operated the Iju water works.that served the whole of Lagos in the 20s. The colonial administrators were said to be paying Da Rocha for the supply of water to Lagos state. His house had the first bore hole and also the first water fountain. He was said to have sold water to the people from his house.
He made fortune from his water business such that he bcame very rich that the government had to take it over from him. His other business includes money lending which he did with two other rich men, J H Doherty and Sedu Williams and together that started a bank named the Lagos Native bank. He also went into fishery business and also opened a restaurant.
How Candido Da Rocha Became a Billion Through Gold Business:
In what was to eventually mark the beginning of his fortunes, an English gold prospector who wanted to travel back to England approached Da Rocha one in 1894 with bars of gold that he had mined and wanted to dispose of.
But there was a problem of funds as he did not have all the money required to buy the goods. The Englishman wanted 6,000 pounds. So, Candido da Rocha approached the Bank of West-Africa now known as First Bank. The bank lent Candido the required money with which he purchased the purchase of the gold bars.
He was later to file the gold bars into gold dust and sold on retail to the local gold smiths. He was said to have made on a whopping 200% profit on the sales.
Candido Da Rocha Founded Lagos Native Bank :
Candido Da Rocha went into the banking business and was the first African to own a bank called Lagos Native Bank which was established in 1907. He he joined hands with two businessmen, J H Doherty and Sedu Williams, to establish the Lagos Native Bank but ran the bank himself.

Family life:
Research revealed that Candido da Rocha lived alone most of his adult life and was never formally married to any woman whether traditionally, in court or in the church despite being a strong Catholic. He was said to be a difficult man to live with.
Three women were known to have had children for him and lived with him briefly.
One of the women was originally from the old Gold Coast now Ghana who had his first child and only son called Alexander Candido da Rocha. The second woman who had a son for him died at an early age. Thereafter, he had four daughters; three of these were born by the same woman and one daughter, Mrs. Enitan Salako, from another woman.
The daughters, three in all include Louissa Ebun Turton, the second daughter was called Angelica Folashade who later became Mrs. Thomas.
Nigeria’s first millionaire Candido Da Rocha, his dad and mom
Candido da Rocha's Generosity :
Describing Da Rocha’s generosity, his 90-year-old granddaughter said, “People would come to him, crying, requesting financial assistance; from the balcony, asking how much they needed, he would throw down the money to them.
Candido Esan Da Rocha died in 1959 and is buried at Ikoyi Cemetery.
Though there was no Limousine nor Royce Rolls, Da rocha was said to have moved around in his luxury horse drawn carriage.
One of the grand daughters of Candido Da Rocha Angelica Oyediran in an interview with The Punch said of the wealth of her grandfather:
“Candido Da Rocha was quite close to the British and the western world then. He was highly respected and highly disciplined. He didn’t like dishonesty and lying. I stayed with him in this house for about three years when my mother moved in here to look after him. I was very close to him. He loved me and I was very fond of him. I learnt a lot from him. During the Second World War, Da Rocha offered one of his properties, Bonanza Hotel, to the British government to protect some Nigerian students at King’s College, who were initially in a boarding house at Race Course.
The school was run there until the war was over. Among his close friends was Herbert Macaulay. Da Rocha refused to be a politician. When he was nominated to contest an election and people approached him requesting money to support his electioneering, he said, ‘If you want Da Rocha you vote for him, and if you want Da Rocha’s money don’t vote for me.’ Twice, when Macaulay was arrested by the British colonial government for speaking out against them, Da Rocha paid (a fine) on his behalf to prevent Macaulay from going to jail and warned that he would not come to his rescue the third time. Da Rocha was a staunch catholic. He respected God. He was very rich – he was a millionaire in those days and very generous. The elite in those days sent their dirty clothes to Britain for laundry. The Da Rochas, Johnsons, Dohertys and the Olowus, were foremost wealthy people. They didn’t wash their clothes in Nigeria. They sent them abroad for laundry. Some of them had about five dozens shirts, five dozens vests, five dozens pants, and everything they could afford.”

Candido Da Rocha did not stumbled on money, neither did he stole people’s commonwealth before he became stupendously rich. His wealth could be traced to his father Joao Esan Da Rocha.
Joao Esan Da Rocha who was from Ilesha was captured as a slave at the age of 10 and taken away to Brazil in 1840. Joao Esan later got married to Angelica Josephina Da Rocha while in Brazil. The couple gave birth to Candido while still in Brazil.
In 1871, Esan alongside other slaves regained their freedom and a lot of slaves were able to trace their roots back the Yoruba tribe. On his return from Brazil, Esan Da Rocha was one of the returnees that approached the then Queen Victoria’s representative in Lagos to request a place for their resettlement in Lagos and they were apportioned the areas between the Central Bank of Nigeria on Broad Street up to Kam Salem, at Obalende.
The Water House was built by Esan Da Rocha on the land apportioned to him. He was given two portions of land because he came back with his wife of Nigerian origin and four children so he also got a portion of land on Tinubu Street. While building his own house, Esan built it as a replica of the house he lived in Brazil.
His houses are the famous Water House at Kakawa Street and the other one is on 4, Tinubu Street both on Lagos Island. Esan died at the age of 88 and was buried at Ikoyi Cemetery.
Candido da Rocha stepped into his father’s business empire, which he later expanded and consolidated into a multi-million pound financial empire, straddling agriculture, hotel, trading, real estate, banking and financial investment.



September 08, 2018

Why I attacked Nicki Minaj – Cardi B

Popular rappers, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj on Friday night engaged in a fight at New York Fashion Week.

DAILY POST reported that the fight started while Cardi B confronted Nicki Minaj over comments about her daughter,Kulture.

On why she hit Nicki with her shoes, Cardi took to her Instagram page explaining the incident.

The mother of one wrote: “I’ve let a lot of shit slide! I let you sneak diss me, I let you lie on me, let you attempt to stop my bags.

“You have threatened other artists in the industry and told them if they work with me, you will stop working with them. I’ve let you talk shit about me.

“I have addressed you once in person, I addressed you a second time and every time you copped the plea but when you mention my child, you choose to like comments about me as a mother, make comments about my abilities to take care of my daughter is when all bets are f*ckin off!

“I’ve worked hard and come too far to let anybody f*** with my success!!!!

“ Bitches talk about all that shit in their raps but in real life are p***y!!”


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September 08, 2018

Nicki Minaj and Cardi B Start Up a physical fight at Harper's Bazaar's Icons party

Harper's Bazaar held their 'Icons' party in New York on Friday night, but the glamorous affair, was kind of upstaged by Nicki Minaj and Cardi Bgetting into a full on fight.
Just like a modern day episode of You've Been Framed, the entire thing was caught on camera and uploaded to social media... Alleged shoe throwing and all.
There is a video of Cardi B removing her shoe, while unintentionally exposing her arse, and repeatedly saying "f*ck your arse up"...
Watch video on the last page below!

Sources from inside the party claim that it all kicked off when Cardi walked past Nicki taking a photo with Kelly Rowland and La La Anthony.
Allegedly Nicki then deliberately stepped on Cardi's dress train, resulting in Cardi throwing her shoe. While it's hard to make out exactly what happened from the shaky video footage, as well as shoes being fired and wigs being actually snatched (seriously), Cardi was pictured leaving the party barefoot and with a noticeable bump on her forehead.
Following the fight, Cardi took to Instagram to post a rather cryptic message. Without naming names *cough, Nicki, cough*, she provides some background as to what caused the beef.
Note to self, never question Cardi's parenting skills.
I guess the one good thing to come out of all this is the memes...

We will drop some memes very soon
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September 08, 2018



   1⃣ Connect your android phone to you computer.

   2⃣ Open Command prompt administrator.

   3⃣ Now in command prompt window type following code carefully [ adb shell cd/data/data/ sqlites settings.db ] update system set value=0 where name=’lock_pattern_autolock’; update system set value=0 where name=’lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’; .quit

   4⃣ Now you will see some screen as shown below and then you can reboot your phone and now when your android starts again, then try unlocking it using any random pattern and it will unlock and work pretty fine.

   5⃣  If you face any problem repeat same steps but instead of the above code tru using [ adb shell rm/data/system/gesture.key] and the press enter and now reboot your device to see if it works.
══════❁✿❁ ══════

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Monday, 3 September 2018

September 03, 2018

Ronaldo, Salah, Modric make FIFA best shortlist, Messi doesn't


Cristiano Ronaldo faces stiff competition from former Real Madrid team-mate Luka Modric and Egypt’s Mohamed Salah to be crowned FIFA’s player of the year for a sixth time.

Ronaldo was the competition’s top scorer in lifting a fourth Champions League title in five years before heading for pastures new with Juventus in July.

Modric is also part of that Madrid side that has dominated the Champions League in recent years and won the Golden Ball for the best player at the World Cup for leading Croatia to the final.

Salah scored 44 goals in an incredible debut season for Liverpool before being robbed of his chance to make an impression in the Champions League final by an early injury.




Saturday, 1 September 2018

September 01, 2018


‘Best sound editor in a Movie/TV Series - Kolade Morakinyo & Pius Fatoke

‘Best picture editor in a movie/TV series - Mark Maina 

Best lighting design in a movie/TV series - Akpe Ododoru and Tunde Akinniyi

‘Best Cinematographer in a movie/TV series - Yinka Edward

‘Best costume designer in a movie/TV series. - Ngozi Obasi and James Bessinone 

'Best short film or online video' - Michael 'Ama Psalmist' Akinrogunde

'Best documentary' - Denis Wanjohi Maina

'Best make-up artist in a movie/TV series - Thelma Ozy Smith and Hakeem Effect Onilogbo

'Best art Director'- Tunji Afolayan

'Best sound track in a movie/TV Series' - Evelle 

'Best indigenous language in a movie/TV series (Swahili)' - Sarika Hemi Lakhani

'Best indigenous language in a movie/TV series (Hausa)' - Ali Nuhu

'Best indigenous language in a movie/TV series (Yoruba) - Femi Adebayo

'Best indigenous language in a movie/TV series (Igbo)' - Lilian Afegbai

'Best Movie' (East Africa) - Phoebe Ruguru

'Best movie (West Africa)' - Jade Osiberu

'Best movies (Southern Africa)' - Shehu Joyah 

Trail Blazer Award - Bisola (BBNAIJA)

Industrial Merit Award - Tunde Kehlani

'Best writer in a movie/TV series - Patrick Nnamani, Koye O and Moses Inwang 

'Best supporting actress in a movie/TV series' - Lydia Forson (for the movie 'ISOKEN')

'Best supporting actor in a movie/TV series - Folarin Falana (FalzTheBhadGuy) (for the movie 'NEW MONEY')

'Best actress in a comedy movie/TV series' - Nyce Wanjeri (for 'AUNTIE BOSS')

Best Actor in a comedy Movie/TV Series - Odunlade Adekola 

Best Actress in a Drama/Movie/TV Series - Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde (for the movie Alter Ego)

'Best actor in a drama movie/TV series - Adjetey Anang (for the movie 'KETEKE')

'Best director' - Jade Osiberu (for the movie 'ISOKEN')


September 01, 2018

How to Use MTN Mpulse Data To Browse On Any Website, App Free

How to Power all Apps with MTN the mPulse Data using Psiphon handler VPN

MTN recently launched a new prepaid tariff plan called MTN MPulse for kids between the ages of 9 to 15. This is to help equip them to succeed both in aacademics and digital field.

With the MTN MPulse, you get way more cheaper data plans than you get on other MTN prepaid plans. The mPukse gives you 1.2GB for N150 and 350MB for N50. The only problem however is that it doesn't power all Apps except for mPulse website, mPulse app, WhatsApp, YouTube and a few other websites.

However, in this post I will be showing you guys how to power all your apps with the MTN mPulse data using psiphon VPN. This will enable you to stream, download or browse any website with the data.

MTN mPulse Data Settings on Psiphon Handler


>> Android phone

>> MTN 3G or 4G sim 

>> Psiphon Handler - Download HERE or HERE.

Psiphon pro handler Settings

>> Use your default MTN APN settings.

>> Subscribe to the MTN mPulse data plan by clicking HERE.

>> Download and install the Psiphon Pro handler HERE.

>> Launch the App and configure as shown below;

=> Proxy type: Real host

=> Proxy server:

=> Skip the rest and click on save.

>> On the next screen, click on tunnel whole device.

>> Click on the option tab and select more options.

>> Tick connect through an HTTP proxy.

>> Tick use the following settings.

>> Configure as shown below.

=> Host Address:

=> Port: 8080

>> Now click on the back button on your phone and wait while it connects.

That's all guys. 

If you have any question, feel free to drop it in the comment section below and also kindly share this post on your various social media platforms if you find it helpful.

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Tuesday, 28 August 2018

August 28, 2018

Ibadan Polytechnic: War In School As Students Run For Their Lives

     Students of Polytechnic of Ibadan are currently running for their lives as a student popularly known as Maku was cut in the Neck and killed.
Nine other students was killed after the death of Maku and students have been running up and down in the school, Most of the students left the school to unknown places to keep their lives safe. It was also reported that a corp member was also assaulted in class by students while teaching. Currently the school and the environment is at war

Here is a report from a witness:
Ridwan said, “The school is aware of this. I left the school with Maku on Monday and when we got to Apete, I told him that we should go to a place but he said he wanted to go and rest at home so he alighted from the commercial motorcycle we took from school.
“Five minutes later, a lady called me and said that Maku had been killed by cultists who shot him in the neck in his apartment.”
Another member of the forum, Bakare Ademuyiwa, said that on August 6, 2018, he received a message from a member of the Aye Confraternity. He said he was told Maku had been disturbing them from carrying out their activities in the school.
“I said that the forum is an anti-cultism group that had existed for many years in the school.  I also pleaded with them not to attack Maku.
“I was shocked on Monday night when I received a call while watching the Premier League match between Manchester United and Tottenham that Maku had been killed by two Aye Confraternity members who attacked him in his apartment at Apete.”
“Maku was shot in the neck and the killers stabbed his neck with an axe several times. He graduated from Urban and Regional Planning Department of the school. The Students Forum has within the group, students and former students of the school.”

See Photos below: